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Regional Landfill

NOTE: Only vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3 tonnes (or more) can gain access to this site. 


This item is a hazardous material and requires special attention.

The Regional Landfill can only receive asbestos from a licensed waste hauler, registered with the MOECC. The Regional Landfill does not accept asbestos from residential customers. Residential customers can call restoration companies, or local waste haulers for the removal of asbestos.

Commercial customers can contact the Regional Landfill at 519-776-7941 for an appointment and/or more information.

The Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill was officially opened on July 2nd, 1997. The Regional Landfill is 123 hectares in size with a waste footprint of 58 hectares. The disposal area is divided into five cells.

The site is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) under Provisional Certificate of Approval (CA) No. A-011101 (September 28, 1995).

The Essex-Windsor solid Waste Authority operates the landfill. Staff of the Authority manage the site and operate the weigh scale, as well as providing inspection services, contract administration and maintaining the associated records for the site.


The Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill Site is located in the south half of Lots 14, 15, and 16, Concession 7, in the Town of Essex (formerly the Township of Colchester North) at 7700 County Road 18.

Call: 519-776-7941
Waste Reduction Hotline: 1-800-563-3377

Hours of Operation

The Regional Landfill is open:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

NOTE: Only vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3 tonnes (or more) can gain access to this site. If your vehicle is under the restricted weight of 3000 kg, you are welcome to use the Public Drop Off Depot (Windsor) or Transfer Station No. 2 (Kingsville).

2023 Holiday Schedule

  • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) – closed.
  • Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) – closed.
  • Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) – closed.
  • New Years’ Eve (Dec. 31st) – closed.
  • New Year’s Day (Jan. 1, 2024) – closed.

2024 Holiday Schedule

  • New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st, 2024) – closed.
  • Family Day (Feb. 19th) – closed.
  • Good Friday (Mar. 29th) – closed.
  • Easter Monday (Apr. 1st) – OPEN
  • Victoria Day (May 20th) – closed.
  • Canada Day (July 1st) – closed.
  • Civic Holiday (Aug. 5th) – closed.
  • Labour Day (Sept. 2nd) – closed.
  • National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (Sept. 30th) / OPEN.
  • Thanksgiving Day (Oct. 14th) – closed.
  • Remembrance Day (Nov. 11th) – OPEN.
  • Christmas Eve (Dec. 24th) – OPEN / half day
  • Christmas Day (Dec. 25th) – closed.
  • Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) – OPEN / half day
  • New Years’ Eve (Dec. 31st) – OPEN / half day
  • New Year’s Day (Jan. 1, 2025) – closed.

Accepted Materials / Fee Schedule

The Regional Landfill accepts the following types of materials:

  • Industry, Commercial & Industrial Refuse/Garbage
  • Tree Trimmings / Brush / Grass / Leaves (dedicated loads for composting)
  • Vines/Rockwool / Coco – see below for more information
  • Asbestos (by appointment only, must be a licensed M.O.E. Hauler)

Tipping fees are applied depending on the type of waste/material being disposed of. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Regional Landfill Tipping Fee Schedule for 2024 (Multi-Page Document): RL Tipping Fee Schedule 2024
(subject to change without notice).

Vines / Rockwool / Coco

Greenhouse vines and growing medium will only be accepted at the Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Vines / Rockwell / Coco will be charged: $45 per tonne

The $45 per tonne rate is applicable to vines and growing medium (e.g. Rockwool, “coco”) generated by the local greenhouse industry.
These materials will only be accepted at the Authority’s Regional Landfill.

  • Vine loads with 20% or more contamination will be invoiced at the Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (I/C/I) disposal rate.

Delivery of Vines /Rockwool / Coco must meet the following criteria:

  • All trucks must be equipped with front and rear tow hooks.
  • Containers/trucks must be leak proof to avoid spills.
  • Haulers must be Ministry of the Environment approved or have a Waste Management Systems Certificate.
  • Trucks must follow the designated haul route to and from the Regional Landfill. The designated haul route is Arner Town Line to County Road 18 then west to the landfill.
  • Vines shall be ground.
  • Odiferous vine loads will not be accepted.
  • All waste loads are subject to daily inspections.
  • The EWSWA reserves the right to discontinue accepting vine loads due to operational concerns or limitations.

Any other waste, aside from vines/growing medium, generated by greenhouse operations is not eligible for the $45 per tonne rate and will be assessed a fee of $64 per tonne. Examples of other greenhouse waste includes, but is not limited to; plastic, drip tape, fruits, vegetables and any other waste material that is not a vine or growing medium.

Payment Methods

Listed below are all the payments methods currently accepted at the Regional Landfill.

  • Cash / Debit
  • Cheque – A $25 charge will be applied against NSF cheques.
  • Account
  • Drawdown (For Business Customers: Drawdown Account constitutes payment in advance. Payment is credited to your account and tipping fees are deducted after each use).

Tarp Policy

No vehicle shall be permitted to enter the Site with an uncovered or unsecured load of waste. Any vehicle entering the Site with an uncovered or unsecured load shall be subject to the following procedures:

  1. First Incident: The driver/company of the vehicle will be given a verbal warning.
  2. Prior to any vehicle entering the site with an uncovered or unsecured load of waste, the scale clerk shall record the make, type and license plate number of the vehicle and a general description of the waste.

Restricted Materials

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority has implemented a number of waste bans or restrictions at the Regional Landfill and as a result does NOT accept:

  • Radioactive Waste
  • Biomedical Waste
  • Unidentified Chemical Waste
  • Industrial/Commercial Chemical Waste

If you wish to dispose of a restricted material, please refer to the Public Drop Off Depot (Windsor) or Transfer Station #2 area of our website for a listing of acceptable materials at these sites.