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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 / Disposal of Rapid At-Home Test Kits

Please find below the proper disposal methods for COVID 19 testing kits.

AT HOME / RESIDENTS: If the test kit was administered at home, it is considered “home healthcare waste” and belongs in the household garbage. It should be double bagged.

BUSINESSES: If the test kit was administered by a business on business property, please follow provincial guidelines for disposal: https://www.ontario.ca/page/safe-handling-and-management-rapid-antigen-covid-19-testing-waste

EWSWA Facility Information:


  • All sites are staffed by ‘essential service’ workforce so, strict adherence to COVID protocols will be maintained for the safety of our workers.
  • Only residents who require service beyond their normal curbside collection should come to these sites as excessive traffic and long ‘wait times’ are expected.
  • Site may close early due to excessive volumes of traffic.

Safe Waste Management Practices Flyer: Safe Waste Disposal – COVID-19 – FINAL

Media Release:

Across Essex-Windsor Ontario, some of our residents (e.g., fathers, daughters, neighbours) are still working in the waste industry as they are an essential service. They are still out on the streets collecting your garbage, recycling, yard waste (starting in April) and also processing our waste manually in our recycling plants each day as their work is essential to our community. Their efforts on behalf of our community are appreciated more than ever during this time, and we need to keep them healthy while working. The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority asks that you take on the following simple steps to do your part in supporting their efforts:

  • Garbage: If you or someone in your house is sick, place items that you have been in contact with into a bag and then into the garbage. This includes items that you normally place into your recycling like: plastic bottles, pop cans and milk or juice containers, etc.
  • Garbage: ALWAYS bag all used tissues, napkins and paper towels, rapid at-home test kits and place in the garbage, not the recycle bin. Paper towels were once accepted in the Red Box but going forward they will be considered garbage and should be placed in the garbage.
  • Recycling: Non-contaminated recyclable items must be placed loose in your bin/cart; except shredded paper which needs to be in a paper bag. This will ensure the safety of workers who may come in contact with unknowns that are frequently found in bags. Do NOT place recyclables in bags of any kind. To protect our workers, bagged recyclables are going straight to the garbage stream in the recycling plants.
  • Social Distancing: Finally, respect physical distancing (6 feet of space) with waste workers like collectors and do not approach their vehicle.

These simple actions from you will help protect workers who are processing your waste during this time. It is efforts like these from you that will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Thank you for your support in making a difference in our community.

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