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Earth Day


Virtual Earth Day 2021

Since we are unable to host a physical event this year, we welcome to to participate in the very first VIRTUAL Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. We’ve teamed up with the GooseChase App to combine the tried and true ‘scavenger hunt’ with the latest in smartphone technology to create one of the most exciting activities out there! 

We have over 50 missions for all ages to complete! It’s as easy as downloading the app, log into GooseChase and joining our game – “Windsor-Essex Virtual Earth Day 2021!

Earth Day Poster: Earth Day 2021

How To Play

  1. Download the free GooseChase App via Google Play or the App Store (Apple)
  2. Install App
  3. Open App
  4. Click “Play As A Guest”
  5. Enter Game Code: 7D861J
  6. Click “Join Game”
  7. Create A Player Name
  8. Join – Windsor-Essex Virtual Earth Day 2021
  9. Pick missions and have fun!