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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. The driver left some materials in my recycle box. Why were they not collected?

A. The majority of the time, the reason that a driver does not collect a certain type of material is that it is NOT accepted in our program.

Q. Can I recycle my broken recycle box?

A. Broken recycle boxes can be dropped off at the Public Drop Off Depot in Windsor for recycling. There is a 40 yard bin for ‘containers’. Broken recycle boxes can be placed in this bin for recycling. They are not accepted at curbside.

Green Cone Digester

Q. Where can I buy a Green Cone Digester?

A. The EWSWA sells the Green Cone Digesters at our Truckload Sales (see ‘Upcoming Events’ under Resources and Education for the next Truckload Sale). Call 1-800-563-3377 if you want more information about purchasing a Green Cone Digester.

Q. I have used up all of my activator – where can I get some more?

A. Call the EWSWA at 1-800-563-3377 – occasionally we have some extra packages for sale. Or, you can buy activator directly from the manufacturer, go to www.compostec.ca

 Rain Barrels

Q. Does EWSWA sell rain barrels?

A. EWSWA, has in the past, worked in conjunction with other organizations to make rain barrels available to the public. Check our website under Resources – Rain Barrels to look for information about our Truckload Sale and whether or not we will be selling rain barrels.