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Just a reminder to all elementary school teachers that the Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority has a variety of excellent educational and interactive presentations available for all grade levels – right in your own classroom.  Each presentation is grade appropriate, complying to Ontario Provincial Elementary School Curriculum.

Presentations use a hands-on approach to stress the importance of waste reduction through recycling, physics, science & technology, geography, environmental stewardship and the mathematics of garbage.

To schedule a presentation, or have your current recycling program updated,  please call: 519-776-6441 ext. 1395. This service is only available to schools in the Windsor / Essex County school district in Ontario, Canada.

The following curriculum based, interactive, presentations are available free of charge to all elementary schools. Right in your classroom!

Eco School: 
A global perspective concerning garbage, and how specifically Windsor/Essex schools are contributing to the problem, and what can be done to combat the trend. (Grade level:  6-8)

Water Bottle Wally:
The kids will experience ‘A Day in the Life of Water Bottle Wally’, along with a ‘Red & Blue Review’.  This presentation illustrates why it is so important to recycle by revealing how recycling can turn what appears to be a ‘piece of garbage’ into a useful product. (Grade level:  JK-4)

Oil Slick:
This hands-on model illustrates what happens when hazardous materials are improperly discarded, disposed, or accidentally spilled on land.  Students will learn the impacts of hazardous materials on our local community and wildlife as well as the opportunity to create a small oil spill and then the much trickier job of trying to clean it up! (Grade level:  2 – small groups)

Getting the DIRT on Composting:
Sometimes it’s fun to play in the dirt! The kids will learn all about the chemistry of composting, and how organic waste is turned into a natural resource.  Kids will meet the very special ‘vermi-composting worms’. (Grade level: 3)

Nature Challenge!
Kids have to choose any three out of ten actions presented and incorporate them into their lifestyle. The actions are simple but have a huge positive impact on the state of our environment.  This is a great presentation to celebrate Earth Day!  (Grade level: 4-8)

Shop Green:
The kids will learn how to be environmentally conscious while they shop by going through a ‘mock grocery store’.  Shop Green will illustrate which products are the best buy for the environment by ‘precycling’. (Grade level: 4-8)

The Technology of Trash:
A hands-on model of a modern landfill demonstrates how the landfill systems today differ from the ‘dumps’ of the past. The landfill model is an excellent tool for demonstrating to children and adults how a modern landfill functions as well as the importance of appropriate solid waste management methods. (Grade level:  3 & 4 – small groups)

The Lorax:
Dr. Seuss’s famous environmental video comes to life as a mock-debate in your classroom.  Half the class will represent the Once-lers (industry),  and half the class will represent the Lorax (nature).  (Grade level: 7 & 8)