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Zero Waste

Tips to Hosting a Zero Waste (or less wasteful) Party

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be wasteful! You can make your party glorious and green, and even potentially save a few dollars! Below are ten tips to plan a ‘zero-waste’ party:

  1. Plan in advance: It is proven that planning ahead can save you money and support more ‘green’ or sustainable plans. For example, if you are rushing you are more likely to pick ‘single-use’ or disposable options.
  2. E-invite: Skip the paper invites by sending out e-invites; and save the trees!
  3. Avoid single-wrap and save: Buy food in bulk to be greener! For example, don’t buy single wrapped cheeses, buy a block and cut it to avoid all the plastic wrap; saving you money too!
  4. Keep it reusable: Use reusable cutlery, plates, napkins and tablecloths; avoid single-use plastics.
  5. Decorate Organically: Use flowers, herbs, vines, or produce for decorations instead of plastic junk. When the party is over, you can compost, eat or place these out for yard waste collection.
  6. Keep it simple: The key to reducing food waste is to keep it simple. Serve finger foods and avoid the utensils and
  7. Green waste area: A natural part of any party is waste. Set-up a disposal area that properly supports the separation of items. For example, set-out a red box for drink containers to avoid these going in the garbage.
  8. Bring your own doggie bag: If you are planning a big dinner have guests bring a ‘take home’ container – so they leave with the leftovers and food is not wasted!
  9. Replenish: Instead of putting all the food out (e.g. chips) at once and it going bad–place a portion of food and top up as needed.
  10. Party Favours: Ditch plastic ‘favours’ and send guests home with baked goods, jams, or chocolates. Consumable ‘gifts’ are not only delicious but support zero waste as well!