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Organics / Yard Waste

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority receives many, many tonnes of yard waste every year through curbside yard waste collection. The yard waste is collected and brought to our Yard Waste Pad for composting.

The raw yard waste collected is composted and turned into our wonderful Garden Gold Compost which is sold in several different formats.

Grass Clippings

Although grass clippings best serve the environment when left on the lawn to provide an excellent source of nitrogen, we realize that at times residents may be faced with excessive amounts of grass clippings. Residents and businesses can drop off excess grass clippings at the Public Drop Off in Windsor or at Transfer Station #2 in Kingsville – tipping fees will apply. For more information regarding grass disposal please refer to ‘grass disposal’ under the ‘Organics’ portion of the website. For more information regarding the Public Drop Off in Windsor or Transfer Station #2 in Kingsville, please refer to the ‘Disposal’ section of the website.

Residents can drop off tree trimmings/brush and leaves free of charge (DO NOT mix with grass)

Fees/Rates are subject to change without notice; rate sheets are available through the link for the drop off sites under “Disposal” in the navigation column of this site.