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FoodCycler™ – Reducing Food Waste at Home


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Did you know that up to 63% of the food Canadians throw away could have been eaten? Did you also know that 50% of regular household garbage is food waste? When handled properly, food waste can be a valuable natural resource, so it shouldn’t be thrown in the garbage.

What is the FoodCycler™?

The FoodCycler™ is the latest innovation in food waste solutions. This countertop unit will dry out, grind up, and turn food scraps into a sterile, nutrient-rich soil amendment which is great for houseplants, gardens, landscaping, etc. The unit is approximately the size of bread maker/air fryer and takes 4-8 hours (dependent on the unit and food waste) to turn food scraps into a rich, soil amendment. All it needs is one cubic foot of space and a power outlet.

Watch some videos!: (note: FoodCycler™ has also partnered with Vitamix (Canada & US), so the FoodCycler™ units featured in these videos are ‘Vitamix’ branded)