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Garden Gold Compost Sales

Availability: As of November 16th, 2020

NOTE: Pre-bagged compost is SOLD OUT FOR 2020 (at all of our facilities).

Windsor PDO: 

  • Pre-bagged: Sold Out for 2020
  • Bulk (pick up): Available
  • Delivery: Available

Transfer Station #2 (Kingsville): 

  • Pre-bagged: Sold Out for 2020
  • Bulk (pick up): Sold Out
  • Delivery: Available

Regional Landfill (7700 County Rd. 18):

  • Pre-bagged: No
  • Bulk (pick up): Limited Quantities Available
  • Delivery: Available


  • All sites are staffed by ‘essential service’ workforce so, strict adherence to COVID protocols will be maintained for the safety of our workers.
  • Only residents who require service beyond their normal curbside collection should come to these sites as excessive traffic and long ‘wait times’ are expected.
  • Site may close early due to excessive volumes of traffic.
  • DEBIT/CREDIT Only – sites are cash-free. A vehicle without debit/credit will be turned away.

The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority receives many, many tonnes of yard waste every year through curbside yard waste collection. The raw yard waste collected is composted and turned into our wonderful Garden Gold Compost.

 Garden Gold Compost Flyer / Price Schedule: 2020 Garden Gold Flyer

  1. Pre-bagged Garden Gold: $3.25 per bag or 4 bags for $11.00
  2. Bag Your Own: $4.00 per bag (bag included)
  3. Bulk Loads:
    • PDO (Windsor): $13.50 per cubic yard (mechanical loading provided)
    • Transfer Station #2 / Regional Landfill: $8.48 per cubic yard (mechanical loading provided)

DELIVERY:  Delivery is available for large quantities of compost. Delivery is available by appointment only. Credit Card payment only. Customer must be home at time of delivery. To schedule a delivery, call 1-800-563-3377.

Delivery to: Windsor, Essex, LaSalle, Tecumseh – $62.09 delivery includes tax  + $13.50 per cubic yard of compost.

Delivery to: Amherstburg, Kingsville, Leamington, Lakeshore – $101.64 delivery includes tax + $13.50 per cubic yard of compost.

On sale – while quantities last.

Compost Standards For Ontario

EWSWA’s Garden Gold Compost must meet and comply with environmentally protective standards for the production of compost for beneficial uses. Our compost must pass “Compost Quality Analysis” as set out by the standards, which also complies with the regulatory framework of O. Reg. 347.

Ontario Compost Standards: Ontario Compost Quality Standards

Guideline For The Production of Compost in Ontario: Guideline for the Production of Compost in Ontario

Lab Results For EWSWA’s Garden Gold: Below are the lab results for the Garden Gold Compost being sold in 2016/2017/2018/2019.

Compost Calculators

EWSWA does not calculate how much compost you need so try the compost/mulch calculators available on the following websites for assistance in calculating the amount of compost you should purchase for your home project.

  • Compost Calculator:  Enter the length and width of the garden size in square feet as well as the depth of compost, and the calculator will return the amount of cubic feet (or yards) required.

One of the most common inquiries we receive is, “What is the difference between compost and mulch?”

Compost has biodegraded further than mulch and is screened finer which makes it look more like soil with fewer chunks. Compost is best worked into the soil while mulch is best laid on top of the soil. Both replenish the organic content of your soil.

Mulch is still very warm and is still in the process of biodegradation. It is 100% organic and comes from a combination of leaves, grass, brush and tree trimmings. It can be used on lawns or in flower gardens to conserve moisture, lower soil temperature, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, reduce soil compaction and discourage the establishment of weeds. It should be spread thinly on your lawn, placed in flower gardens and around trees and shrubs. It will contain many bits and pieces of wood and sticks.

Please Note: EWSWA does NOT sell mulch.