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Apartment Recycling

The apartment recycling program in Windsor / Essex County is a two-stream system just like the residential recycling program. Recyclable materials are divided into two streams: container products and paper products. In the majority of apartment buildings, residents will be placing their recyclable materials into 95 gallon blue recycling carts. The carts will be designated and labelled for either ‘container’ or ‘paper’ products.

Accepted Materials

Download the recycling guide to assist in proper recycling habits at your apartment complex.

Recycling Guide: 2019 Recycling Guide – Final

Establishing A Recycling Program In Your Apartment Complex

There are Ontario government regulations enforcing recycling programs in multi unit residential buildings. Regulation 103/94 stipulates that all multi-residential buildings (with six or more units) must implement a recycling program. Buildings in non-compliance (those without a recycling program) are potentially subject to charges and fines from the provincial Ministry of the Environment.

In order to PREVENT any assessment of FINES from non-compliance, the Authority in conjunction with Stewardship Ontario, has been conducting a recycling initiative to assist multi-residential buildings, by either:

  • Establishing a recycling program, or
  • Enhancing a current recycling program

Your landlord, property management company or condo board, can qualify your building for FREE recycling educational materials, when they establish a recycling program.

Free Materials

Participants in our recycling initiative, will receive the following for each unit in the building:

·         a recycling magnet
·         a recycling guide
·         a household chemical waste guide
·         a public drop-off depot guide

If your apartment building does not have a recycling program or needs to enhance its current program, please contact the EWSWA at

1-800-563-3377 or ask@ewswa.org