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Gold Star Recycler Program

Do you think that you’re a great recycler? Do you take pride in how neat and clean your recycle boxes look at the curb? Do you recycle absolutely everything you can?

All you A+ recyclers can now be rewarded for your efforts! The Essex-Windsor Solid Waste Authority is implementing a new recycling initiative called the “Gold Star Recycler Program”. Register for this program and an EWSWA staff will visit your recycle boxes on your recycle collection day and see just how well you are doing – if you’re doing a fantastic job, we will award you with a special limited edition ‘gold’ recycle box. Residents who register will also be entered into a draw to win a $250 gift card from…(your choice of Best Buy, Toys R Us, Tim Horton’s, The Home Depot, or Devonshire Mall).

Program Details

  • Registration is now closed.
  • Draw to win $250 gift certificate is finished, winner has been notified.
  • Program was open to both City and County residents in 2017.
  • First 500 registrants will be eligible to participate in the Gold Star Recycler Program. All residents will receive notification about the program. Only the first 500 will be selected for inspection.
  • All registrants will be entered into the $250 gift card draw.
  • Registrants boxes will be inspected to determine if they follow all the proper recycling guidelines.
  • Qualifying houses will receive one (1) gold recycle box.
  • Inspection is dependent on which day/week the recycle collection day falls.
  • If you are awarded a Gold Recycle Box, it can be used for either paper OR containers.
  • If you registered for the program and were awarded a Gold Box, you cannot register again.

Recycle Box Inspection Criteria

  • You must have your address written on your current recycle boxes. This is to assist EWSWA staff with the inspection.
  • You must have a visible address on your house.
  • Recycle Boxes must be placed out for collection the night before. Staff will make one attempt at inspection only.
  • Boxes/Carts cannot contain any plastic bags.
  • Shredded paper cannot be placed in a plastic bag. Shredded paper should be placed in a paper bag.
  • Materials must be separated into two streams – paper products in red box/cart and containers in blue box/cart.
  • No cross contamination is allowed – (i.e. paper products in the container box or container products in the paper box).
  • No household chemical waste products are allowed in boxes/carts (i.e. propane tanks, ammunition, batteries, etc.).
  • No materials that are ‘not accepted’ in our recycling program (i.e. plastic toys, shovels, pots and pans, etc.).
  • If any of the above mentioned items are found in your recycle boxes/carts you will not qualify for a ‘gold box’.