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Municipal Collection Calendars

County Residents

Please Note: Your 2023 collection calendar is valid until the end of January 2024.

The print version of the 2024 County Collection Calendars will be delivered by the end of January 2024 (except for Lakeshore). Please start looking for your 2024 collection calendar during the last two weeks of January.

2024 Essex County Collection Calendars (in pdf)

Amherstburg: 2024 Amherstburg Calendar

Essex: 2024 Essex Calendar

Kingsville: 2024 Kingsville Calendar

Lakeshore: 2024 Lakeshore Calendar

LaSalle: 2024 LaSalle Calendar

Leamington: 2024 Leamington Calendar

Leamington Recycling Collection Map: Leamington Recycling Collection Map_FINAL -2016

Tecumseh: 2024 Tecumseh Calendar

For Residents of Windsor, and ALL Essex County Municipalities:

Your collection calendars are now available in a variety of methods for your convenience.

  • Recycle Coach App: You can download the FREE Recycle Coach app at the Apple Store or Google Play. Set reminders for your collection days and receive notifications when a collection day changes due to a holiday.
  • Print calendars: Mailed out to every single family household in the New Year. If you just moved in or lost yours you can contact your municipality and they will send you a new one.
  • PDF: You can download your municipal calendar in pdf (see below for links). City of Windsor residents – click on link City of Windsor Collection Calendar Page to be taken to Windsor’s calendar web page.

Alternate Formats: The 2024 collection calendars are available in alternate formats upon request. Please call 1-800-563-3377 or email ask@ewswa.org.

Essex County Municipal Information

Amherstburg: (519) 736-0012 / Email: inquiry@amherstburg.ca / Website: http://www.amherstburg.ca/

Essex: (519) 776-7336 / Website: http://www.essex.ca/

Kingsville: (519) 733-2305 / Email: requests@kingsville.ca / Website: http://www.kingsville.ca/

Lakeshore: (519) 728-2700 / Email:  PublicService@Lakeshore.ca Website: http://www.lakeshore.ca/

LaSalle: (519) 969-7770 / Email: info@lasalle.ca / Website: http://www.lasalle.ca/

Leamington: (519) 326-5761/ Email: info@leamington.ca / Website: http://www.leamington.ca/

Tecumseh: (519) 735-2184 Email: info@tecumseh.ca / Website: http://www.tecumseh.ca/

City of Windsor Collection Calendars

Your 2023/24 Collection Calendars are valid until March 31st, 2024. If you need a calendar, contact 311.

If you have questions regarding curbside garbage, yard waste or recycling collection please call 311 or for a collection calendar visit:

City of Windsor Collection Calendar Page

For information regarding types of acceptable City of Windsor garbage containers: watch?v=Ba6hxi0v0WE&feature=youtu.be