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Rechargeable Battery Recycling

Recharge The Planet – Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries!

Rechargeable batteries are a common part of daily lives. They are available as individual batteries and are also found in many other things including cellular phones, laptop computers, camcorders, digital cameras, remote control toys and power tools.

The question many people face is what to do with rechargeable batteries when they no longer hold a charge. Sending them to the landfill is not the answer. Rechargeable batteries contain toxic and potentially cancer-causing substances such a cadmium and mercury. Putting them in a landfill creates the potential for these substances to leach into the soil and water.

Drop Off Your Old Rechargeable Batteries: Essex County and City of Windsor residents can drop off their rechargeable batteries for free at either one of the Household Chemical Waste Depots located in Windsor / Essex County. A Rechargeable Battery Recycling Station has been set up for your convenience.  

Battery Tips

To maximize the life of your rechargeable batteries and battery-powered products, follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the charging guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This generally means charge your new battery overnight (14-16 hours) before using it for the first time. This is called “initializing” and will enable you to obtain maximum battery capacity.
  • Let your battery cool to room temperature before recharging. The charge efficiency of most batteries is greatly reduced at elevated temperatures.
  • Recharge batteries when they are near to fully discharged. You can tell that a battery is discharged by a sharp drop in power or speed.
  • Keep the contact of rechargeable batteries clean, wipe them with a cloth soaked in alcohol.
  • Never return a fully-charged battery to the charger for an extra boost. This will overcharge the cells and shorten the life of the battery.
  • Never leave your cellular phone, camcorder, etc. on the charger when NOT charging, unless approved by the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t use your charger as a stand! Continuous charging will shorten battery life.
  • If your rechargeable Ni-Cd battery will no longer hold a charge, don’t throw it away! Call 1-800-8-BATTERY to find the nearest retail site and general information about the CHARGE UP TO RECYCLE Program.

For more information, please visit http://www.call2recycle.ca/