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Take It Back

There are some products that cannot be recycled curbside in Windsor/Essex County BUT can be recycledPhoto of a bright yellow plastic bag if returned to their source (manufacturer).

See below for products that can be recycled when you “take them back”.


Remember these four steps when taking back plastic shopping bags:

  • Step 1: Remove paper receipts (place paper receipts in your Red Box).
  • Step 2: Turn your plastic shopping bags inside out (to ensure bag is empty).
  • Step 3: Put all of your plastic shopping bags into another plastic shopping bag.
  • Step 4: Bring your plastic shopping bags to the store, and place in the appropriate bin for recycling.


If you have questions about a store’s plastic bag recycling program, contact the store manager or the Canadian Plastics Industry Association.


Packaging peanuts can be returned to a UPS store – instead of beingPackaging Peanuts found in shipping containers thrown in the garbage.

The UPS store reuses the peanuts.