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Zero Waste Tips

These are the 6 R's to help you on your waste reduction journey - remember, baby steps count! One small action does make a difference.


Refuse any 'extra' items you don't want or need. This can be an extra plastic bag, a straw with your drink, or extra condiments with your meal. If you think you may throw it out - just say 'no'. 


Reducing your waste is easier than it sounds. Buy with intention - don't waste your money on 'impulse' buys.  Start to move toward a capsule wardrobe instead of purchasing fast fashion. Plan your meals so you don't waste food. Learn how to best "store" food so it doesn't go bad. Don't buy what you don't need. 


Reusing is another easy thing to do: you can reuse plastic shopping bags for pet waste, or reuse gift bags/bows. If you are looking for a specific item to purchase start your search at a second-hand shop, you may find exactly what you're looking for at a fraction of the price!


Recycling is a long established way to turn your trash into something else! Your cereal box can become a fibre egg carton, and your plastic water bottle can be turned into a yoga mat. Recycling everything that's accepted in the EWSWA's Blue/Red Box program is the perfect way to start. 


In this age of over-consumerism it's sometimes difficult to remember that many items can be easily repaired instead of thrown in the garbage. If you don't have the tools for the repair, ask to borrow them, or even rent them from a big box store.


Food waste makes up 50% of what's in a regular bag of garbage. Composting and digesting can reduce your food waste substantially. When the EWSWA launches the Green Bin Program in 2025, make sure you take full advantage of this initiative. 


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