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Did you also know that 50% of regular household garbage is food waste? Food waste can be turned into a valuable resource. To be good environmental stewards, everyone should strive to reduce the amount of food waste they generate.

A Canadian company called Food Cycle Science has a solution to food waste, it’s called the FoodCycler™ and in 2023 the EWSWA ran a one-time pilot program with Food Cycle Science to help reduce food waste in residential garbage and was successful in diverting 52 metric tonnes of food waste in 2023.

What is the FoodCycler™?

The FoodCycler™ is the latest innovation in food waste solutions. This countertop unit does the following:

  • Grinds up, and turn food scraps into a sterile, nutrient-rich soil amendment.
  • The end-product is great for houseplants, gardens, or your landscaping.
  • The unit is approximately the size of bread maker or an air fryer.
  • It takes 4-8 hours (dependent on the unit and food waste) to turn food scraps into a rich, soil amendment.
  • All it needs is one cubic foot of space and a power outlet.

Food Cycle Science is offering Essex-Windsor residents a discount on the Foodcycler units and their accessories.

Image of Foodcycler with slogan "Starve the Landfill, Feed the Earth"

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