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Yard Waste

EWSWA’s reputable Garden Gold Compost comes from many sources of yard waste that is either residentially collected or dropped off at an EWSWA Depot. So it is important that you only place yard waste in these programs, as the yard waste is turned into the high quality Garden Gold Compost.

Two ways to recycle your yard waste

You can reycle your yard waste at the curbside or you can drop it off at an EWSWA Depot. 

  1. Residentially Curbside Collected Yard Waste

    Your municipality manages the curbside collection program for your yard waste. Yard Waste is defined as grass, leaves, garden trimmings, brush and branches, etc. Check your municipal collection calendar for collection dates and specific information, as programs may differ across municipalities.

  2. Excess Yard Waste

    If you have excess yard waste that you can not set out for your regular curbside collection, you can drop if off at an EWSWA Depot.


Mulch is yard waste that has not fully decomposed.  Usually, it’s made up of tree bark, wood chips, pine straw, moss, grass clippings, or leaves.  It is loose in texture and chunky in appearance.  It can be used on lawns or in flower gardens for many reasons such as: conserve moisture, lower soil temperature, reduce erosion, provide nutrients, reduce soil compaction, etc. Note: EWSWA does not sell mulch.

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