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Recycle Boxes & Other Merchandise

The EWSWA is thankful to the local Home Hardware Stores who graciously stock EWSWA merchandise. Before heading to a Home Hardware store to purchase any of these products, check with the store first to confirm availability of these products!

Recycle Boxes 

The Blue Box (23 gal/87L) is for recycling containers. The Red Box (17gal/64L) is for recycling paper.  The Blue Box is larger than the Red Box because containers weigh less than paper. The larger Blue Box also encourages more recycling. 

Cost: $8.00 plus tax


Mini Recycle Bins

Mini bins (6 gal/22L) are a smaller version of the large recycle box. The Blue Mini Bin is for containers. The Red Mini Bin is for paper. Mini bins are suitable for business or home office environments.

Cost: $5.00 plus tax



Backyard Composter (The Earth Machine)

The EWSWA sells a Backyard Composter called The Earth Machine. It is designed to compost yard waste as well as fruit and vegetable scraps.

Refer to the Backyard Composting for detailed information on how to use this unit.

Cost: $35.00 plus tax


The Green Cone Digester

The Green Cone Digester works by 'digesting' various foods into a liquid. The liquified food drains into the soil through holes in the basket.  

Refer to the Green Cone Digester webpage for more information.

Cost: $65.00 plus tax

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